Just to let you know ...

The flour kittens are happy and growing! Their eye-colour is slightly changing, they found out how to use a litter box and their latest favourite dish is boiled chicken with some rice and cat milk. Yummy!!!!
And - they are still looking for a home! Can you say no to these eyes?

And look Ed is trying the lion rooooooooooaaaar!


Photo Contest

Please vote for our cats in a photo contest. We could win an annual stock of cat food. As we cannot get it delivered to Egypt we would donate it to a animal shelter in Germany! All you need to do is click on the "Like" buttons below :) Thanks!


First advertising shots?

Of course not!!!! We just want you to know how much the three rebels have grown since the day they came to us. So ... the idea was to find something in relation that everybody knows ... and here you are!

This is Cookie showing you how tall he is.


Prison Break

After 8 days in their foster home the flour kittens are getting more and more mobile. In the first week we had to wake them up to feed them regularly, now is is them who remind us regularly of their meals. In case we are not fast enough they leave their basket protesting. Miiik, miiik miiiiiiiiik!


"Oh, grandmother," she said, "what big ears you have."

Look at these ears!!!! What a change compared to last week when we found them ... We will continue to pursue this issue!




The Wild Lions Are Soooooo Hungry

Breakfast in the garden is just the best ...
Waiter that walks only on two feet: At once, milady! Certainly, sire!

Terror - or ... Yoda???

All three are doing very well and getting more and more interested in what's going on around them. Their eyes and their senses of hearing become better and better, their ears grow. Have a look at Terror - or is it Yoda?

May the force be with you!


Qué Será, Será ... ? What can I expect?

To give you an idea about how Edvard & Cookie might look like (ok - the colour of the fur is not exactly the same) when they are grown up (yes they will definitely grow!), I want to introduce Mr. Burger to you. He is our three year old, 42 cm tall, tiger tom cat and quite bored with the youngsters we foster.
But pssssst - in real life he isn't brave but a proper coward. He hates all kinds of changes, is super fluffy, absolutely loves to be cuddled and is not such a big boy at all!

Weight Check

Every day the weight of the flour-gang has to be checked. A healthy kitten puts on more or less 10g per day in this age! So we want to make sure that they receive enough food and digest properly. 
Edvard is not too happy about the whole procedure ... like Cookie and Terror he does not want to be away from his brothers and sisters. As soon as he finds himself alone he starts squeeking and looking out for the other two.
  Terror, the only girl is of course protesting a lot against a weight check in public :) But we are happy to see that she is also 200g now.Cookie is the heaviest of all three. He is 220g and can be very proud of it!