Home Found!

Looking at the flour kittens today it is hard to believe (even for us!) how tiny and fragile they have been once. Now 2 months and 2 weeks after we found them they have turned into a group of elegant teenagers. Still playful, but now walking on long legs balancing a slim tail. Their eye colour has turned into a light lime green, their faces unmistakably say: Look!!! I'm a proper big cat not a teddy-bear anymore!

At the beginning of this month Edvard left us to live with his new family in Dahab, a lovely couple with a nice little garden. Ed's new name is Lynx and he does his best to grow into it :) His new family passed more than one sleepless night with the little bundle of energy, who was obviously very happy to meet new playfellows.
Yesterday we had a little photo shooting at their place to show you how well he is doing!

Hiding ...

Watching ...

Fighting !!!

Playing, playing, playing ....

In the mean time Lynx's twin brother Cookie clearly proofs the blood relationship.

Just like Lynx he is into plants now ...

A proper hippie ...

Treehugging feels so good ...


Cookie will travel to Germany in autumn. He found a great home at one of the most beautiful spots of the country. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, castles and cows he has a great chance to live long & prosper and to enjoy always enough of his beloved yoghurt! Until then he and Terror will stay together.

And finally we made the decision, to keep Terror, our Lady in Black. She is such a brave, straight forward character that we're sure she will find her place in between our adult cats.

So after all we are proud to announce a HAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPYYYYY END for the three flour kittens!

Thanks so much to EVERYBODY who helped and supported us, especially to Animal Welfare Dahab, ESMA, Jana & Aisha our great cat-sitters, Adam who brought kitten milk from the UK when there was not kitten food available on the Sinai as well as to Love Meow
for publishing our story.