Edvard, Terror & Cookie: The first days ...

Opening the eyes in Dahab is not always pleasant. Three kittens (10-12 days old) were found on Assalah Square covered in flour. After just one day they have already learned to drink from a feeding bottle. They look strong & healthy, drink regularly and sleep a lot. They have the strong will to survive and are looking for a nice home as soon as they are a bit older.

May I introduce: Flour Power. Impossible to stop moving just for a moment!

Edvard was found because he was screaming like hell, he was also the first to find out how the feeding bottle works.

Terror, so tired after a big portion of baby-milk. She is pitch-black and the tiniest of all three. We are happy about her great appetite.

Cookie happy after some food and cuddels. We guess he will have long hair when he is older. He has the beginning of a slight Mohawk along neck and spine.

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